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WELCOME TO GROUT CLEANING MASTERS. We provide polishing, honing, cleaning, sealing and restoration services to fully revive the original beauty of your natural stone.

Grout Cleaning Masters is a family business that specializes in restoration, cleaning, sealing, and polishing of marble, grout, tile, stone, travertine, terrazzo, granite, Mexican and Cuban tile and more. We service in South Florida, such as Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties – we are licensed and insured.
  • Does your marble or stone look dull, worn, stained or scratched?
  • Do you have old stained marble or stone surfaces?
  • Is your marble or stone chipped, cracked or damaged?
  • Does your natural stone or marble surfaces need polishing?
  • Are you having trouble maintaining and keeping your marble and natural stone clean?

For the right advice on how to restore and maintain your natural stone and tiles or to arrange a free onsite inspection contact one of our friendly staff today! 786 991 4946.


Maintaining your stone and tile properly will ensure a long life and keep it looking beautiful. Grout Cleaning masters, Inc. care products are high quality cleaning and maintenance products made exclusively for your stone and tile as marble cleaners, granite cleaners, marble polishes, spot removers, sealers, soap and scum removers.


Cleaning and restoring of tiles can be achieved by utilizing a number of processes and cleaning products depending on the severity of the damage and your desired result.
Once the restoration process is complete, your marble, granite and tile surface is returned to their original beautiful condition, maintenance services can insure a consistent appearance.


To keep and care for your natural stone surfaces looking brilliant it's best to use products that are specifically formulated to prevent deterioration and enhance the beauty of natural stone surfaces, This process is done with only the finest diamond abrasives and polishing powders available.


To clean, restore and seal your tile grout to a like new appearance, We have a tile grout cleaner that restores your tile grout to a new appearance with substantially improved stain resistance. If you are seeking a tile grout cleaner or grout sealing surfaces, or simply want your grout, tile and stone to have a fresh, clean, new appearance again, Grout Cleaning masters, Inc. can deliver what you are seeking.

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